What an email...


Whenever we talk about Compassion International some amazing emails come our way. And this one is no different...

Dear Tracey,

I wanted to share with you about my morning. I was on my way to work just drivin and prayin like I do and that morning I just asked God to show me how I can help others. I am so grateful for the amazing love and grace He's shown me in my life and I want to share that with others. So I just prayed that He would use me..however He saw fit. Well...I got into work and ya'll were..talking about the Compassion project. I heard you sharing the stories of these children in need. I knew then...this was something I had to do. I called in this morning and decided to sponsor a child, an orphan in particular..from anywhere in the world. What really touched me was when you were talking about the children who were orphans and being raised by grandparents or aunts and uncles. This is when you challenged grandparents out there listening to these stories to step up.

And this is when it struck me.

I am not a grandparent...far from it actually...I'm 23, just out of school, and getting my start in the "real world." I thought to myself..you know what..if I could get on air and challenge some people..it would be people my age. After all, we aren't that far off in age from our own childhoods. I had an amazing childhood...so very blessed, that I often feel guilty about it when I think of these kids. Then I realize...God didn't just bless me for my sake. He blessed me so I could it turn bless others. He showed me His love, grace, and mercy so that I could show others. The Compassion project is a chance to do just that. I often hesitate in giving money in sponsorship programs such as this. I always think...why can't the rich people of this country just fork over half the loaf. We'd cover all of Africa and Asia with the money the celebs in the country make..you know?

Then I heard Dave tell us about the poor widow who put in all she had. And that is why we must give.

We live in a country that is so richly blessed. I would challenge my age group because we are at a time in our lives when we tend to be selfish. We'll pull out the "I'm broke from college loans and I'm trying to make rent" card so quickly when someone mentions money. But for some reason...we have more than a dollar to stop for a coffee or a snack or drink...hmm funny...no wait...sad. A dollar a day. I'm glad that you all say that on air. I and many others would be lying if we said we were too broke to afford that. After all...its not just any dollar, its a kingdom-building, life-changing dollar.

God Bless,


Pasadena, MD

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